Our SXSW Interactive Panel Proposal On Technology & Fitness

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I’m co-planning a session proposal for the SXSW Interactve conference, with Biray Alsac of FITTmaxx Institute. Hope to see you there in 2009!

Reduce MySpace Between Waist & Thighs So Wiki Live Longer.”

Let’s face it, most of us in the Web 2.0 community lead a non-stop lifestyle, with jobs that keep us plugged in 24/7, online, time-starved and sedentary. And that could be killing us. Literally.

When Internet famous blogger Om Malik suffered a heart attack December 28, it was a wake up call that he needed to change his non-stop unhealthy lifestyle. “Living a healthier life isn’t just one of my New Year’s resolutions,” Malik wrote. “It’s doctor’s orders.”

We know we should be taking better care of ourselves. We might even know a few things we could be doing. But how to get started? And how to keep it going with all the demands on our time?

In this highly participatory session, discover how Web 2.0 platforms and technologies can help us achieve our health and fitness goals. Gain insights from expert panelists about the most important things you can do right now to get the best results in the least amount of time. Discuss real life practical examples: what works, and what doesn’t work. Discover the keys to feeling better, looking great, having more energy. Be inspired by your fellow Web 2.0 friends and colleagues.

Is a heart attack in YOUR future? Could be…

Don’t wait for doctor’s orders, learn how to make positive lifestyle changes now and how to get fit with the help of Web 2.0 technologies.


Some early user feedback posted on SXSW:

“A much needed discussion!” – Karen Gurney

“Amen! I’ll be there!” – Rebecca Newton

“Excellent panel idea.” – Janice James



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