You can contact me via 1) e-mail; 2) phone; or 3) the online social networks listed below.

1. Want to contact me by e-mail?

You can contact me by email at dbeckoff {at} Gmail:

Or if you prefer, please complete the quick contact form below, and I will receive your message via e-mail.

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2. Contact me by phone:

3. Connect with me via these online social networks:

LinkedIn: my preferred network for business networking. Are we already connected on LinkedIn? (If not, you’re invited to e-mail me a connection request.)

Twitter: my prefered network for conversational networking. Do you already follow me on Twitter? (If not, you’re invited to join the conversation.) If you write about things that interest me, or if I like your attitude, I’ll follow you as well.

Facebook: My Facebook friend policy: I primarily connect with real life friends and close colleagues who I’ve gotten to know well over a sustained period of time. If I don’t know you as well yet, let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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