Rhapsody & TiVo: Like Chocolate & Peanut Butter

by David Eckoff · 0 comments

As a subscriber to Rhapsody and TiVo, I was thrilled to see RealNetworks and Tivo team up to make the digital music service available on any broadband-connected TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 standalone box.

Now for the first time, I have access to Rhapsody’s music library of 4 million tracks in my living room through my home theater system. No extra hardware and no extra cost.

The inteface is pure TiVo, operated via the TiVo remote. While navigation is slower than online browsing – and not quite as satisfying – the music sounds stunning through my home theater system.

Overall, a fine job by the folks at Rhapsody and TiVo.

Next: imagine combining Rhapsody/Tivo and Slingbox… and having mobile access to Rhapsody’s music library…

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