PodCamp NYC Roundup

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podcampnyc-logo-wiki.gif I attended PodCamp NYC this past weekend. Was impressed with how the conference came together in such an outstanding way, all with an “open source” approach. A terrific group of people attended.

Here’s my roundup of the best from around the web on PodCamp NYC:


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  • Podcasters invade Manhattan! (rikomatic.com)
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  • PodCamp NYC 2007 (LynetteRadio)
  • Podcamp NYC 2007 (CT Biz Blogs)
  • At PodCamp, the Only Fires Will Be Lit Via the Web
    (The New York Sun)


  • Pictures from PodCampNYC (The amazing Chris Brogan)
  • Photos: PodCamp NYC 2007 (CC Chapman)
  • Photos: PodcampNYC 2007 (bestdamntech)
  • Photos: PodcampNYC 2007 (HowardGr’s photos)


  • Monetizing Your Podcast (Eagle’s video of session)
  • Great day at Podcamp NYC (DailyEats video recap)
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