Hall of Shame service: Dunham’s Sports customer service

by David Eckoff · 32 comments

Dunham's Sports logoFile under customer service complaints: I recently purchased two pairs of ASICS Kinsei running socks, from online sporting goods merchant DunhamsSports.com. Great high-end running socks, but poor customer service from the online seller.

Dunham’s Sports correctly charged me for two pairs of ASICS Kinsei Quarter socks – but incorrectly sent only one pair of the item I ordered, along with a pair of less expensive woman’s socks that I didn’t order. I can easily accept that shipping mistakes happen. But dealing with Dunham’s Sports customer service after the fact was an exercise in frustration nearly every step of the way. While things worked out in the end, Dunham’s Sports succeeded in transforming me into a vocal detractor.

As a result, while I recommend these running socks from ASICS, I suggest not buying from DunhamsSports.com.

Having said that, these are great running socks from ASICS, specially designed to create a seamless connection between your foot and ASCICS GEL-Kinsei running shoes (see my shoe review here).

Who to buy from instead?

I can enthusiastically recommend RoadRunnerSports.com, a company specializing in running gear that has consistently shown good customer service in my past interactions them.

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1 Wayne Baldwin December 9, 2009 at 6:09 pm

I just purchased a marlin 30-30 w/ scope from the Richmond, KY store. The little girl that was responsible for the department had not the first clue about weaponry or ammo. She told me that there was a lever lock that locks the lever in the wide-open position that she was not allowed by federal law to remove, so the brand new gun would not fit, open levered into the box. She gave me the empty box and walked to he front door, handing me the rifle, lever in full open lock and walked away. I went to my truck and looked through the box. there were no instructions on how to remove this locking mechanism that was wedged under the scope and into the loading chamber. It was securely jammed into the gun and bare handed, it would not budge. I took a screwdriver and pried it off, scratching the blue off part of the barrel doing it, in front of the store, in the parking lot. They have a no return policy, I have been told. All I got out of this was a “sorry”. $500 brand new gun. I am soooo pissed.
I will never shop there for anything again.


2 Steven December 23, 2010 at 7:37 am


You could’ve been in the store at a time when there were no “gun department” workers on shift. All Dunham’s employees are expected to work every single section of the store, and because there is usually one guy there, most girls don’t have to work there, thus they don’t know much about the guns. As company policy, she truly can’t remove that lever lock, if she did she would immediately be fired. There are always a set of keys for the lever locks inside the box, and she isnt supposed to put the gun in the box if she does not know how to dissassemble it. There is absolutely no way Dunham’s can take returns on guns. Sorry you had a bad experience, you should give another Dunham’s a try, don’t be turned away by a single bad experience.


3 mark December 16, 2011 at 10:29 pm

This is the same problem i had, even after i had approached two employees and expressed by dismay for having waited 20 minutes….the MANAGER walked by and said “we will be right with you.”, and walked into the back.
there were three customers in the store at the time., and at least five employees…….i will never step foot in this store again, the employees (including the manager) seem to think they are there to stand around and flirt with one another.


4 Dunham Sucks December 23, 2010 at 6:58 pm

The check-out girl at Dunham’s today was so incredibly rude to everyone. When I was leaving I said, “Merry Christmas” & smiled at her & she rolled her eyes at me. WOW! The woman that was behind me in line came up to me in the parking lot and said, “Even though she couldn’t say it, I hope you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas.” I will not let this dampen my spirit, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


5 Louis G March 1, 2011 at 4:50 am

I was in the dunhams sporting good store in southgate mi to purchase a couple of pairs of gym shoes i waited for twenty mins and recieve no help what so ever but yet there was three dunhams workers at the cash register and no costumers at the register explain that.I then walk around the store other costumers recieve no help what so ever i walk out.On the web site it says pride themselves with costumer service appearently that day there was none.Working in retail for five years we all know costumer comes first…welll at least i thought so til i went to go purchase some gym shoes that day costumer serv\ce was God awful ……


6 steve June 9, 2011 at 9:34 pm

I Never received a response to this letter sent two weeks ago, policy states they will respond within five days

On 05-23-2011 I went to the Dunham’s store at;
to purchase a shotgun, 12ga
after selecting my purchase I filled out the paperwork
and question #10 asks for my race
I believe that it is wrong to ask questions that are race based and did not want to answer question #10 but was told I “had to”.
So I read the instructions to #10 and they said that if none of the listed “races apply then to check the closest one.
So I crossed out the word “African” in the box African American leaving the word “American” and completed the form.
The young man behind the counter said that I couldn’t do that and said that,”you are white ,right, so just check white”, I’m not white.
I said that I don’t want to buy the shotgun then and asked for the form back containing all my personal information.
He rudely stated that I couldn’t have it back , I then asked that he destroy it then since it contained so much of my personal information.
He then said no and dashed back behind another employee and said that “they” were go to keep the info on file.
I pointed out that I did not purchase anything and that I wanted the information destroyed.
He refused , I then explained all of the above to the manager and he ,(in a less rude manner), said basically the same thing.
I said I would not shop at Dunhan’s any longer and left.
I am sending this note to inform you that I believe that my civil rights have been violated and that you have no right to my personal information which includes my SS# among other things.
Also you are not true to your own policy which states;
”Dunham’s Athleisure Corporation, dba Dunham’s Sports , values and respects your right to privacy. “

Steve Dufek


7 roger June 30, 2011 at 8:27 pm

just fyi, its federal law that we keep the 4473 form (the form to buy a gun) even if the purchase didnt go through. i worked at shithams, and im not arguing the fact that they lack a lot, in a lot of different areas, but that is the law, and anywhere you go the same exact thing should happen. Dont give the sales associates hell because you dont know how to buy a gun, they get paid 7.40. lol


8 Robin Bowen August 3, 2011 at 11:03 pm

I recently encountered a very frustrating experience with Dunhams sporting goods. I called the store in Holland Mi to confirm the availability of a trail camera, I was told they were in stock and asked if one could be held for me. The employee said he couldnt hold one but not to worry because the store had many. After a two hour drive to the store I was given the wrong camera and was told they could have one the next day if it was available from South Haven. I was not going to return for a two hour trip after I had been asured the camera would be in stock, I have worked with the public for over forty years and can tell you i would not return or recomend Dunhams to anyone I know.


9 Carma August 24, 2011 at 3:58 am

I am a former employee of Dunham’s Sports and I will honestly tell each and everyone of you that it is a bad idea to shop there. I worked at a store in Zanesville, Ohio. I began there as a naive 18 year old just starting her freshman year of college. At first the place was great; organized, good customer service and associates got along well. Last Christmas season, I was working one day a week. I was on Christmas vacation so it wasn’t like I was unavailable to work. After weeks of hounding the store manager I was told that it was because I did not socialize well with my co-workers that my hours were cut down to nearly nothing (1 3 hour shift a week). By ‘socializing’ he meant that I refused to go to his house with everyone else to get completely wasted and pass out on the floor. To me, a manager having a party with his employees is very unprofessional- and to discriminate against the specific person who chooses not to do so is even worse. Finally, I gave Human Resources a call after speaking with a lawyer, I did have a case for discrimination. I made this call in NOVEMBER and did not hear from corporate until MARCH. They drove down from their offices in Michigan to ‘investigate.’ Instead, they told every employee that I was having issues with everything that I reported to them- the report was supposed to be anonymous. Corporate’s solution- get a new store manager who knows nothing about retail at all. I had worked for this company for almost 6 years AND earned 2 college degrees in the process. Dunham’s NEVER promotes from within. However, just a month ago, a girl who has worked for the company for about 3 years (verses my 5 1/2) was promoted to key carrier. This job was never open for anyone but her, and it was given to her when corporate came down because of my complaint. This company discriminates on the basis of sex, race, and sexual orientation. I’ve heard it all. Everyone in the store where I worked was white. Applications from people of color were thrown away the second they walked out the door. The girls generally are not allowed off of the register to learn anything about the gun and ammo department. I highly recommend to steer clear of this poor excuse of a company.


10 Brian February 12, 2012 at 10:32 pm

Stopped at Dunham’s on Hall Rd in Sterling Heights Mi…..The store is a shambles and the staff working there is rude and doesn’t seem to have a clue what customer service is all about..The store is a shambles and the selection and Quality of merchandise leave alot to be desired…
I stopped there today to look at the golf Dept…The guy working the dept was rude…When i went up front to pay for a box of golf balls the line up was down the aisle with only one clerk working……it was that way the last time I stopped in to get winter gloves….
Even with a 20 percent coupon and 10 percent off team discount I am done with that store….I will take my business and my team’s business elsewhere..


11 Jeff Haltenhoff June 21, 2012 at 8:23 pm

I purchased two Northwoods hybrid bikes from Dunham’s. Real nice bikes but after you get them you have to make a lot of adjustments because they “assemble” but do not tune or adjust them. You have to tune them up yourself or go to a bike shop. It’s like thier attempt at selling hockey equipment, they really didn’t know what they were selling but someone will buy it.


12 Paul Rowan July 9, 2012 at 3:00 am

Stopped in Dunham’s Johnstown, Pa., store to look at golf clubs. A couple years ago at a John Jacobs golf school, the instructor suggested that I might consider buying a women’s set (I’m a guy), the logic being that an average off-the-rack men’s set is sized for someone about 6-1. Was looking at drivers, and he came over and said, “They’re not for you.” I explained the logic behind it and HE STARTS ARGUING WITH ME? Who would you believe, a sales clerk, or a professional instructor who spent two years on the second-tier tour? And we won’t even talk about Dunham’s site when I got on to complain…


13 laura August 10, 2012 at 10:13 pm

I recently visited your store in Sharon Pa. and saw 4 salesmen standing visiting – ignoring me. I said do you work in this store? They looked at each other and laughed! I asked if someone could help me, again they looked at each other and laughed, one said while pointing at one of them , he can help you. They the remaining 3 “immature ” boys laughed again. I was asked what he could help me with and I replied , he took me to where item may be found….; he said he had never heard of the item I was looking for.,,. while acting as if I was from outer space! I said well K-Mart and Walmart have them , which I would have gotten one there but they were out of the size I needed. On my way out of the store a long line of customers were waiting when one of the “boys” began checking out customers, after the one lady at the registers ask for help at the registers over the loud speaker!… Needless to say that was the first and last time I will visit your store .. and I will tell my friends my experience of today. As many people who are out of work and looking for a job certainly you could find some qualified people who have the skills to act mature and intelligent.


14 shawn September 28, 2012 at 7:46 pm

I recently purchased a Barnett crossbow from the Maysville KY location i get home to sight the bow in and the scope wouldn’t adjust no matter how many clicks i turned it in any direction, it would still shoot in the same spot so i call the store explain to them what was going on they tell me to bring it back and they would exchange the bow and give me 15% off for the hassle. so i make the hour drive back there exchange the bow and leave without getting the 15% off that they said i would get if i came back. I was Hoping to come home with a better product this time so, I get home and try to sight the new crossbow in and shoot it about 6 times and the inner lens falls out, I then call back to the store and speak with the manager and explain to him what was going on and the run around that i received then I get the smarta$$ comment “I don’t make the crossbows so its not my problem” The workers there are rude and wont help you with anything. I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO GO THERE AND BUY ANYTHING!!!!


15 anon girl November 13, 2012 at 2:57 pm

I work at Dunham’s currently, as a part time job while I attend college, and I can’t even tell you just how horrible our customer service is. I am embarrassed to work there. Everyone wants to do everything else besides help customers. I get teased for being “too nice” to the customers. Sorry excuse for a company. Can’t wait till some other place hires me.


16 Annette December 8, 2012 at 2:03 pm

I wanted to buy some Harbinger weight training gloves and they were perfect but they didn’t have a bar code on them. They were just hanging near the other gloves and they were just what I needed. After getting pushed off to several different people, and standing in line for some time, I was sent to the line with the store manager who proceeded to search online for some time. She wanted me to order a pair that I knew were too much money. There was no picture! I asked her if I could just buy the ones I had and she said she couldn’t sell them to me. This was on Miller Rd. in Flint, MI. She was very rude with a huge attitude! I will NEVER go back to that store!


17 Tim January 20, 2013 at 2:53 am

I can understand everone’s dismay. The people that work at the store are very under trained and most store’s are horribly under staffed. These store’s very seldom have full time opening to closing trained people in the fire arms dept. they only give out so many hours a week at each store for working hours. If your not a hunter or own a gun yourself it’s very hard to tell the customer anything or even answer inteligent questions that are asked. The store I work at has a golf fairway center and I’m the only person in the store that employ’s 15 people that even play’s golf or has any idea about equipment. I happen to be a golf pro so that is my speciality but even then I only work 30 hours a week while the store is open 80 hours a week. So there you go. Trying to keep there prices down and having low staff is the only way they feel to make a profit I guess.


18 Concern'd Citizen April 8, 2013 at 6:00 pm

while shoppong in my local Cheboygan dunhams i witnessed the manager publicly burrateing an employee that i know to have been working there for some time and personally have found to be one of the best employees/salesman that i have ever had the pleasure to be served by. i used to shop at this particular store because of the small town local family feel that i got from the employees but thanks to this manager i will NOT be shopping at dunhams any more. i have been ignored by some employees when entering the store and even by this manager but the man that this so called manager was yelling at has always been nothing but polite and professional whenever i shop’d, which brought my return business. i find it to be disgraceful to this particular store and to the manager that looks over all the local branches to have this type of behavior happening by a “store manager” on the sales floor. i will leave the branch of the store but refuse to chance this kind young mans name to have him in further trouble for my concerns. to be honest if it were me getting yelled at like that in front of customers i would have quit right there on the spot.


19 Charles Learned May 1, 2013 at 1:52 pm

We went to the Burlington Store N.C. and went to the gun department in the morning to purchase a gun. We waited for help for about 30 minutes and no one showed up we had to chase around the store for someone and it wasn’t easy. They finally came after chasing them down. That night we went back about 5:30 and still no one there we waited a long time and then finally went to find someone meanwhile there were 3 other people there waiting too. They also wondered were the help was. They complain that the service in there was terrible. We finally got someone to help and then they said that they didn’t have the keys and had to go and find some keys to unlock the guns. We picked out the gun we wanted and then went to sign the forms meanwhile we left us to help someone else and we needed help with the questions, he was waiting on someone else so we waited again so we asked them to call the manager we were about to leave the gun there and go elseware. The manager finally came to help out. About 1 1/2 hour later we finally left the store with the gun. Not sure if I will ever go there again. Service is just terrible not enough people to help out. Something will have to be done because that store will not last. We had a couple of complaints from other customers because of the non-service there. We like the products in the beginning we had bought a lot of stuff there but now the service if terrible. Our time is valuable too.


20 Penni May 31, 2013 at 9:27 pm

I was in Dunham’s Monroeville, PA this morning. I could NOT get an employee to help me. They would however “point.” Although there were no other customers in the store that I could see and 4 employees, none were available to aid me. They have the rudest employees I have ever seen. Dick’s is opposite. They greet you. Are knowledgeable and helpful. I need a kayak, a motor, golf spikes, 2 life preservers and some outdoor chairs. Dick’s will get my business. If you are a woman and especially if you are over 40 AVOID Dunham’s. Their customer service REEKS!!!!!


21 An Employee August 8, 2013 at 2:44 am

I worked at Dunham’s very recently for three years and I will go ahead and say this: the pay is shit, as are the hours, and they don’t train us for anything. We usually have one (MAYBE two) people employed who know the gist of a specific department and since the hours are shit, they are not always working. more likely than not the person who helped you did not have a clue what you wanted and was probably one of three employees actually in the store. That said, customer service is a two way street. Nobody at my store is willing to put up with an asshole customer who came in sporting an attitude and didnt respond when we say hello or ask how they’re doing that day. Most of my coworkers are actually extremely friendly, they just aren’t trained for shit and are constantly getting berated by dickbag customers for shit that is 100% out of our control.

I’m not excusing these stories, I’m just saying that I’ve worked only three years in retail and I have countless horror stories of clueless customers, entitled d bags, and people who would raise hell and kill their firstborn if it meant they get that extra 10 cents off those clearance shoes. And don’t even get me started on the people who come in 2 minutes after we open and complain how nobody is walking the store. We just opened. It’s a manager and a cashier. That’s all corporate gives us, people.

Also, we never have more than three employees on the floor and most of the time, we are actually pushing stock off the truck or helping another customer (believe it or not, there are customers in stores besides yourselves). For future reference, unless you see someone literally standing there with their hands in their pocket staring at the ground, ask the register girl if you need help. Don’t just stand there looking around like a lost child. You’re an adult now. Move your feet and open your mouth.


22 Martha Galan December 26, 2013 at 7:49 pm

Today I was treated like a criminal by the manager at Duhnam’s in Houghton Lake Michigan. While trying to get a refund, I was refunded the wrong amount and after arguing with the sales girl I then asked to see the manager. NOT any better, in fact she told me she needed to go look at the security cameras at the date I bought my clothing to see if that was actually what I bought!! I felt like a criminal. She was not going to take my word for it, and over a 29.95 sweatshirt! I am going back today to return the other Christmas gifts I bought. They will no longer have my business. I cried after I got to my car. I felt so humiliated and like a low class bum. I’m a mother and grandmother and been through a a lot and no one has made me feel like dirt like I did today.


23 Cat Mac May 26, 2014 at 7:59 pm

I also had a bad experience with Dunhams – many times! It’s impossible to find anyone to help. We waited almost 20 minutes just to get the dressing room unlocked!! The employees have no idea what’s going on. Some of them are dirty. Have ever seen the headquarters? Gross! Also, they use this check service called Certegy, who is like Fort Knox when it comes to allowing checks. You actually have to call them up and give them details about yourself in order for them to accept them! Crazy! (I use checks because of the advice of a Fortune 500 financial adviser. Best way to control cash flow, he says.) So… good-bye Dunhams! Hello Dick’s! …Sports Authority! ….REI!


24 Rain Check June 26, 2014 at 10:31 pm

It started one week ago 6/19/2014. I called the Chillicothe OH store to see if they had the CAP 300 lb Olympic Weight Set in stock. I live 45 minutes away so I didn’t want to make a wasted trip. The person on the phone told me it was in stock. When I got there to pick it up they told me that some of the weights were missing from it and that they could fill out a rain check for me. I agreed and asked when should I expect it to come in. They told me within two to three days and they would give me a call.

I waited for three days and didn’t hear anything. I decided to go to Chillicothe with my wife because she had an appointment there and figured I would look to see if it had came in yet. When I got to the store they told me that it did come in, but someone had already bought it. After that, I realized the rain check was pointless. They filled out another rain check for me because that particular weight set was on sale that day and they said I could get it for the sale price when it came in. I asked when I should expect it (again) and they said it would be there in two days.

I called two days later and they said it didn’t come in and that it would be two more days. I called today and the woman on the phone seemed rather rude about me calling and said “We will call you when it comes in!”. Yep, I heard that one before. Anyway, if this is the kind of treatment that Dunham’s gives there customers, then I will be sure to shop somewhere else in the future.


25 Tim Van October 16, 2014 at 3:25 am

I own a local business in the same town as Dunham’s. If any of my employees acted like most of the employees at Dunham’s, they would be fired. The customer service sucks. I was lied to, treated most rudely, and wasted my time trying to do business with Dunham’s. I do not understand how they stay in business. I will not return.


26 william ziarnko October 22, 2014 at 9:25 pm

bought a crossbow at Dunhams…400.00 Barnett Quad 400…it broke after firing 8 times…went back to Dunhams…no return policy…they give you Barnett’s (manufacturer) telephone number…and a ..nothing we can do about it….the hood cracked on the crossbow…salesman asks can I fire it that way anyway…I decided NO…. also the arrow holder fell off …I called Barnett…they were great and listened to my problem…they said they would send me a new hood and arrow holder…the problem there was…someone forgot to send or something..but I did finally connect with Barnett and was told they will send out tomorrow…meanwhile I went back to Dunhams in hope of them replacing the crossbow so I could still go hunting…was told buying a crossbow is like buying a new car..some are good ..some are bad…
loosing 400.oo is no big deal…thank you Dunham …hopefully people read this and do not go and get taken by Dunham…when you buy..if it breaks..your problem…you can always drive to the manufacturer’s if you don’t get anywhere on the telephone…even if you are from Michigan and the manufacturer is located in Florida which was the case…
I have a total of 650.00 wrapped up in my crossbow…hardcase…crank…broadheads and extra arrows…and Dunhams tells me it’s like buying a new car..some are good…some aren’t..or can you shoot it anyway?…can you drive your car with a bad transmission…possibly …but for how long?..moral to the story..seems like the stores think ..buyer beware..
I do want to thank Dunham’s for making me realize you must have everything in writing anymore ..and never buy anything from Dunhams..the customer is always wrong


27 william ziarnko October 22, 2014 at 9:30 pm

I truly hope what I typed above keeps others from spending a lot of money at Dunhams…perhaps cheaper products might be ok…not as much risk financially…but absolutely do not spend a lot of $….it is gone…doesn’t matter how much the product costs…your problem…
hope Dunhams reads this…they just think they got away clean…by being so sneaky… we shall see


28 william ziarnko October 25, 2014 at 3:35 am

update on dunhams and my crossbow….dunhams suggested I fire the crossbow the way it is ….real intelligent aren’t they….the very same crossbow costs more than 100 dollars less…I ought to write a letter and post it titled ..How to get cheated out of your money starring Dunhams Sporting Goods…..called Barnett…the manufacturer….took almost 2 weeks to get the required parts shipped via UPS….and once again Dunham’s suggested I could always drive to the manufacturer…from Michigan to Florida…
I’m finally at the point that enough is enough…and I had enough…cheated out of my money..sold a piece of junk..fired it approximately 8 times and the thing broke..was told maybe I could fire it broke or drive to the manufacturer …plus Barnett had to be called several times to get them to send the parts..will be two weeks.. this whole thing is a total gross steal the customers money ..there is nothing they can do about it …anyway..
I’m not very happy about being cheated out of my money :(


29 JT November 20, 2014 at 12:17 am

Everything I read is normal for Dunhams, in fact I have called the corporate office and get the same incompetence and management won’t return calls. Even executives don’t care, that’s why the stores are the way they are and why their employees are the way they are. They just figure they’re doing fine, and if they piss off a few people here and there…oh well. I don’t shop at Dunhams any more either.


30 Marie December 8, 2014 at 2:23 pm

I was recently an employee at Dunhams for a very short time. I have 14 years in customer service experience and I have never seen such atrocious customer service in my entire life.First of all they will only give you 3 days a week which don’t even equal up to $100 a week in pay. They stick me up front at a cash register and tell me I cannot leave the cash register meanwhile all five to eight of them hide in the back of the store. If I call a manager to help a customer they will call me back over the loudspeaker and tell me to call someone else. Helping a customer is like a degrading thing to the people that work at Dunhams. Only the bottom of the food chain help customers there and it’s a thing they look down upon. Secondly they have zero training they put me on a register after watching a girl ringing for one day leave me there by myself with customers calling on the phone coming up to me and lines of customers if I call and ask a manager how to do a layaway they talk to me like I was the dirt on the bottom of their shoe I’ve never seen anything like this place it’s the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen I love customer service and it made me sick to my stomach seen people coming and being upset and unhappy as they left. The “managers”that’s truly where the problem lies.no one cares about the customers they run and hide and I’ve never seen anything like.if someone needs help in shoes or hunting they actually have to come up to my register where I can not leave and then I have to call someone to go help them. If someone calls on the phone I have a customer to 10 in line the managers will stand there and do nothing there could be two managers at a cash register and I could have a line of 10 people and they will not help bring them up because that’s degrading to them and they don’t really care about the customers they only care about themselves and how cool they look and that they are the boss and its just simply disgusting. Is someone treated my mom or my grandma like I’ve seen customers treated in that store I would be very very upset. These people do not know what the word customer service means they also don’t know the definition of the word manager they don’t understand that to manage means to help the employees under them do their jobs more effectively.I.e. to help the employee under them. For some reason they think it means that we are there to help them. Example: I had a manager come up because I called him up for a return I needed him his numbers to make the return h he grabbed his shoes out of my hand and took the customer to the other register in mid-sentence rudely interrupted me and saying you’ll need my numbers anyhow then when his computer screen froze he interrupted me from helping another customer as he was standing 2 inches from a phone and told me to page the boss and I looked at him and I said I’m helping this customer why can’t you page the boss you’re standing right next to the phone and he just looked at me picked up the phone and page the boss. Only in that store with a manager interrupt customer service to make an employee under them do something that they they look down on like pages its disgusting and I hate it that place I would never shop there if I were you only if they have something that you can’t get somewhere e.e thek it means they’re the boss and they get to walk around and tell you what


31 Anonymous March 15, 2015 at 1:44 am

Everything above is so true! I have been working at Dunhams for 1 year now and I cannot believe the lack of repsect they have for their employees and customers. I am always helpful if any customer needs help and try to answer any questions as best as I can. If I don’t know for certain I ask another employee NOT a manager since they always say “Hmm I dont know…go ask so and so”. In my opinion if you are a store or assistant manager then you should know almost everything about the products we sell because I know they get paid a heck of a lot more than us minimum wage workers. I hate when I see that I work a 3pm-9pm shift and see that there is only 3 people working! Its aggravating because then our customers don’t get the proper service. Also, if you work there and you are female be ready to do the cash register and apparel! It is not hard hanging a shirt and putting it away right? Well according to the men I work with it is and they are no way interested in learning how to do it. Even the managers will not touch clothing. They treat the men like royality and the women like their maids that jusy clean and do laundry, maybe it is just the store that I work at since the store, assistant, and key managers are men, with the exception of one key manager being a woman. I’m not trying to pull yhe feminist card out in anyway but seriously EVERYONE wears clothing!! The men don’t always have it easy at my store either though they often are assigned multiple “jobs” to do in just a short shift and if it is not done they usually get a lecture. Whichnis unfair because I know that it would take the managers twice the amount of time to finish. Going back to the cash register, everyone HATES working the register because Dunhmas expects you to get people to sign up for the email coupons which can be nice IF you can actually find something that they will work with! Its annoying they yell at you if someone isn’t signed up or if they won’t sign up. If someone doesn’t want to they do want to I’m not asking a customer 3 times before I take “no” even though that is what they want you to do, that is ridiculous. We get “graded” with a percentage weekly and the store gets an overall average too. God forbid we’re .1% away from the goal percentage.
I guess to wrap up, the problem is definitely corporate and management! They need to reconsider how they treat employees! Happy employees means happy customers!
If I didn’t work there I would not even go there.


32 A concerned US Military Veteran June 7, 2015 at 11:13 pm

On 6 June, 2015, at approximately 1840 hours EST, I went to Dunham’s Sports store #9213 in Rome, Georgia to purchase 2 rifles. Upon my arrival, associate Culton, Manager John and Manager Mindy appeared to be helping a customer complete a transaction at the register. I was at the opposite end of the counter waiting for assistance. As I was waiting, a group of white customers approached the same area of the counter where I was waiting for assistance. I was waiting for approximately 7-10 minutes for assistance. As I continued to wait for assistance, associate Culton walked towards the area where the white customers were waiting for assistance and began to assist them without acknowledging that I had been there first waiting for assistance. The white customers that associate Culton approached arrived several minutes after I had arrived. I asked associate Culton if he was aware that I had arrived before the other customers and asked if he planned to assist me and he shouted, “I asked if you needed help” and rudely walked away. At that time I was absolutely embarrassed and infuriated that I had been overlooked and treated in such a disgustingly disrespectful and rude way. I immediately asked him if he could summon his manager and he refused stating, “for what?” He shrugged his shoulders, turned his back and walked away laughing. A short time later, a white male and white female approached. They identified themselves as managers John and Mindy. I asked them why did they overlook me as if I weren’t standing waiting for assistance and John began to raise his voice. I asked John to lower his voice and he refused and threatened to call security to have me removed from the store when I posed no threat. I did not communicate any threat or disrupt business in any way. I was simply attempting to find out the route cause of associate Culton’s refusal to assist me. I have been a regular customer and have made previous purchases from Dunham’s before. I am also an Honorably Discharged Veteran of both the Marine Corps and Air Force, and feel that this treatment goes against the very fibers of the freedoms that I fought for. At no time did associate Culton, or managers John or Mindy offer an apology for their failure to assist me or theincident that had transpired. I felt humiliated, embarrassed and ridiculed by the incident and felt a simple apology may have diffused the situation. Instead, all of the aforementioned members of your team demonstrated thinly veiled racism and lack of respect for me. BLACK CUSTOMERS DO MAKE PURCHASES IN YOUR STORE. It is disappointing that I was treated in this manner.


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