Review: ASICS Gel-Kinsei running shoes

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As we start 2007, if you’re making a new years resolution related to fitness and in the market for new running shoes, I can recommend the Gel-Kinsei, ASICS’ most technologically advanced shoe.

Just how technologically advanced are these shoes? In a recent profile of the best running shoes, Men’s Health described the Gel Kinsei as “packed with more technology than a space shuttle.”

Here is what makes the Gel-Kinsei special, according to ASICS:

  • Optimal cushioning environment and improved rearfoot stability thanks to ASICS’ innovative “Discreet Heel Unit”. In the Discreet Heel Unit, the rearfoot is separated from the main body of the midsole, allowing for the control of the density throughout the heel unit than a standard EVA midsole.
  • Improvements allowing for proper “windlass mechanics”, the coordinated action of the layers of muscle, tendon, ligament and bony architecture, to maintain arch height and foot rigidity. This helps the foot acts as an efficient lever, and achieve effective push off power.
  • The remainder of the platform is comprised of ASICS’ new proprietary midsole polymer that has all of the qualities of ASICS’ standard SpEVA, but is dramatically lighter.
  • An improved Biomorphic Fit System allows the upper to move in the same way the foot does, reducing the effect of material bunching that can cause blistering. The upper also employs a mesh “Spacemaster” material which promotes efficient moisture wicking for a cooler, drier environment.Setting asside all the technical specs, these shoes have been great for me.

    I used to run competitively until a knee injury and subsequent surgery ended my running career – or so I thought. During the past two decades, I attempted numerous comebacks with various shoes but was never able to run pain-free.

    Now with a combination of strength training and the ASICS Gel-Kinsei, I am back on the road and running pain-free. In September, I ran my first 10K race in 20 years – and I now run to work (and back home) each day as my mode of transportation.

    I purchased a pair of Gel-Kinsei running shoes last August and can give them an enthusiastic thumbs up.


    UPDATE (2/5/07) ASICS Kinsei socks: find out what online retailer not to purchase from.


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