Scott Ehrlich: Rocking the Boat

by David Eckoff · 0 comments

As we’re into the summer, here’s a great feature article on Scott Ehrlich, who founded Red Tie Inc. and launched Impulse Media, a Seattle-based consulting company that helps clients predict and capitalize on the intersection of new technologies and media.

Scott has more than a decade of top-tier television and Internet management experience, serving in the senior management teams at Real Networks, and News Digital Media (Newscorp/Fox).

I had the opportunity to work with Scott twice – at and at RealNetworks. He’s a brilliant digital media strategist, great to work with and certainly one of a kind.

Who else but Scott Ehrlich would have his office on a 46-foot powerboat named the Impulsive? Scott typically spends three days on the road with clients such as Sony Pictures Digital Networks, ABC News Digital Media, DivX Networks and iFilm Inc. The rest of the time he is in Seattle, holding meetings on his boat, and working entirely from three pieces of wireless technology: a laptop, a BlackBerry and a cell phone.

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