Smartsourcing: The New Way To Drive Innovation

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In his new book, “Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth Through Outsourcing,” Thomas M. Koulopoulos, CEO and founder of Delphi Group, believes that companies must shed non-core business activities. He says this type of outsourcing, smartsourcing, will allow companies to focus on innovation which is what differentiates one company from another.

From a Q&A article with Koulopoulos:

  • Only 10% of organizations have innovation management programs in place.
  • Innovation is a process not an event. All too often we think of innovation as a moment of inspiration followed by an invention; the moment Edison’s light bulb came to life. The grandeur of those moments tend to eclipse the 1000 times Edison’s light bulbs did nothing.
  • Large companies who seem to get it right are those that can make innovation systemic and systematic.
  • There is a prevalent misconception that more information, or even more knowledge, somehow increases the rate of innovation. It’s not a direct correlation. We need to move innovation from a pure art form to a discipline. There are tools, methods, techniques that can be used to do this, but few of us have been trained in them.

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